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• Ancient .... Egypt •


A complicated but fascinating country with some of the most enduring historical monuments on Earth, Egypt stands as an unforgettable travel destination. In many ways, there are two Egypts. The first is the Egypt of Cairo and the Nile, of bustling medieval bazaars, noseless Sphinxes, river cruises and Agatha Christie-era exoticism. The second, and just as integral to many visitors, is the Egypt of the Red Sea, where a spread of large-scale modern resorts caters to sun-seekers and scuba divers. Sharm el Sheikh, with its world-class diving, high-end hotels and desert adventures, is the best known of them. 

Why the ancient people decided to settle on the banks of the River Nile is not known, though it is generally accepted that it is because of the Sahara Desert, which was once fertile, starting to change into a sandy expanse, forcing the population to look for water. Once the River Nile was discovered, the regularity and richness of the annual inundation, or flood, coupled with the semi-isolation that was provided by the deserts to the east and west, allowed for the development of one of the world's greatest civilizations. 

Ancient Egyptians worshipped over 1,400 different gods and goddesses. The Pyramids of Giza are the oldest of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, and the only one to still exist. Arabic is the official language. English and French are widely spoken.

The Best Time To Travel To Egypt :

The time from November to March when the temperature and weather remains pleasant is the best time to visit Egypt. At nights it does not get chilling or uncomfortable. But, for those planning to do water activities the water might seem little cold during this time. Winter in Egypt is the peak season for tourism when hotels and other rates might go on the upper side, but for an ideal Egypt trip this is the best season. 


When you visit Egypt, there are so many sites that you will want to visit. The adventure that is Egypt never ends! That is why it is a shame if you come to Egypt, especially for the first time, and miss the grandiose sites, such as the Pyramids of Giza, Abu Simbel or the west bank of Luxor, to name but a few. There are so many travellers who fly direct to Upper Egypt to see Luxor and Aswan, hoping that they will be stumble across the Pyramids as well, and then they realize that they have to travel 720Km to Cairo, where the Pyramids actually are.

CAIRO • The capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa, the name means "the victorious city". It is located on both banks of the River Nile near the head of the river's delta in northern Egypt and has been settled for more than 6000 years, serving as the capital of numerous Egyptian civilizations. Cairo is known locally as "Misr", the Arabic name for Egypt, because of its centrality in Egyptian life. 

WHAT TO SEE : • The Pyramids of Giza & the Sphinx • The Open Air Museum of Memphis • The Step Pyramid at Sakkara • The Pyramids of Dashur • The Castle of Saladin • The Egyptian Museum • The Hanging Church • St. Sergious Church • ST. Barbara church 

ALEXANDRIA • Egypt's second largest city (3.5 MILLION PEOPLE), its largest seaport & the Country's window onto the Mediterranean Sea. No City in Egypt has history as rish as that of Alexandria which witnessed so many historic events & legends! Alexandria, the city created by Alexander the Great in 333BCE and with a history very [alexandria] different from any of the other cities in Egypt. Alexander decided that this was to be the spot where a great city would be built and charged one of his architects, Dinocratis, to build it. 

WHAT TO SEE : • Montazah Gardens • Qaitbay Citadel • Pompeii’s Pillar • The National Museum of Alexandria • The Roman Amphitheatre • 

LUXOR • Luxor hosts one third of the whole monuments & antiquities of the world. Therefore, it is considered one of the most important tourism spots in Egypt & maybe in the whole world. 

WHAT TO SEE : • Armant • Deir El-Medina (the workers village) • Medinet Habu (the Mortuary Temple of Ramses III) • The Colossi of Memnon • The Luxor Museum • The Mummification Museum • The Open Air Museum in the Temple of Karnak • The Ramesseum • The Tombs of the Nobles • The Valley of the Queens •

ASWAN • Aswan is the 3rd largest city in Egypt & the biggest in upper Egypt. Aswan was the Ancient Egyptian's Gateway to Africa. Today Aswan is major stop for may Nile Cruise ships depat from Luxor to Aswan Everyday. Aswan’s name is derived from the ancient Egyptian word “Swan”, which means “the market”! This is because it was located on the main trade route between Egypt and the southern lands; with gold, slaves and ivory passing into Egypt.

WHAT TO SEE : • Abu Simbel • Qubbet al-Hawa Monastery • St. Simeon Monastery (Anba Hatre) • The Ancient Capital of Egypt at Hierankonpolis • The Botanical Gardens on Kitchener Island • The Aswan High Dam • The Kiosk of Qertassi • The Nubian Museum •

SINAI • Sinai Peninsula in Egypt is a famous tourist destination. The town is referred as a perfect destination to enjoy the sun, sea and adventures. Sinai is blessed with many tourist attractions, helping every visitor experience an amazing holiday here. Just few such places of tourist interest include; • Blue Hole • Colored Canyon • Dahab - meaning gold, is an ideal place where wind surfing can be enjoyed to the fullest • Blue Desert • Mount Sinai • Pharaoh’s Island • Sharm El-Sheikh •

EGYPTIAN OASIS • Baharia Oasis • Dakhla Oasis • Farfara Oasis • Kharga oasis • Siwa oasis •


Passport • Original Passport with validity of minimum six months and minimum two blank pages for visa stamp. 
a) Original Copy of Passport (E-copy will not be accepted). 
b) Attach all your old passports (if any)
Egypt Visa Application Form : One visa application forms duly filled and signed.
If applying from Mumbai : Visa Application Form Mum has to be duly filled & Signed by applicant.

Photo Specification • Two recent passport size photographs with matt or semi matt finish, 80% face coverage, white background and without border (Size: 35mm x 45mm). 
Please note : Photograph should not be more than 3 months old,scanned/stapled and should not be used in any of the previous visas.
Covering-Letter • Covering Letter from applicant on business letter head mentioning name, designation, passport number,purpose and duration of visit in brief. The letter should be duly signed by authorized signatory with company stamp.
Please Note : Covering Letter on Letterhead if applicant is Self Employed or on plain paper if Employed.
(If applying from Delhi)-The letter should be addressed to: The Visa Officer, Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, New Delhi.
(If applying from Mumbai)-The letter should be addressed to: Consulate General of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Mumbai.

Financials • Original Personal Bank statement for the last 6 months with seal, sign & signatory’s name.
Please Note: Original Bank statement for the last 3 months has to be submitted if applying from Mumbai.

Airline Reservation • Ticket Itinerary.
Accommodation Proof • Hotel Confirmation on Hotel/ Tour operator's letter head specifying the hotel address, Contact details, applicant's name and Check in – Check out dates along with timings.
Medical • NIL

EGYPT CURRENCY • The Currency in Egypt is the Egyptian pound ( referred by LE - Livre Egyptienne) and it is divided into 100 piaster. In Arabic it is called Genaeh. Notes are in denominations of E£200, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 1, 50 piastres and 25 piastres. Coins are in denominations of 25, 20, 10 and 5 piastres.

Note: Most of the major credit/debit cards, such as American Express, MasterCard, Visa, all Euro cards and JCB, are widely accepted in various hotels and shops. If you want to use an ATM machine, they mostly accept Visa, MasterCard and Cirrus cards. 






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